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Great benefits

The main objective of the Chamber is the development of trade and investments between Argentinian companies and the BeNeLux, facilitating the dialogue between the different institutions.
The Chamber offers its members a wide range of services, including access to a large network of contacts and information of interest, both on the Argentinian market and the markets of the BeNeLux and the European Union.

The Chamber offers three membership categories. Each of them has different costs and associated benefits, depending on the types of companies, from start-ups, to SMEs, to multinationals.
Joining the Chamber will allow you to establish contacts and explore potential collaborations with them.

Membership to the Chamber offers general benefits for all members, with some exclusive benefits for the higher categories.

Advantages of
Being a partner

Information services on business opportunities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Argentina.
The services offered by the Chamber match the particularities and interests of each of its member companies. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Networking/Events
  • Access to a wide Argentine-Benelux-European business and institutional network
  • Promotion and free attendance to networking events, conferences, seminars and others
  • Preferential rates in events with a registration fee
  • Participation in the Chamber’s Working Commissions
  • Promotion
  • Description and logo of members included on the website and yearbook of the Chamber
  • Announcement of new membership in the newsletter and social networks
  • Preferential rates in the communication pack
  • Publication of information about the company’s activity in the “Activity of our members” section of the newsletter and in social networks
  • Commercial services
  • Free listings by sector of activity of companies of potential clients or suppliers
  • Legal assistance for the establishment of a company in Argentina
  • Publication of job offers in the employment exchange of the web
  • Pre-selection of applicants
Fees and


Membership in the Chamber shall be open to individuals and legal entities, regardless of their nationality, interested in commercial and productive relations between Argentina and the territorial scope of the Chamber.

Requirements for membership and application for admission

In order to become a member of the Chamber, the following shall be indispensable requirements:

  • To be in full use of their civil rights, in the case of natural persons.
  • To have acquired legal personality, in the case of juridical persons.
  • Not to have incurred in acts which, in the judgment of the General Assembly or the Board of Directors, affect the decorum or integrity of the Chamber or which go against the purposes for which it was created.
  • The natural or legal persons who are candidates for membership must not have been declared bankrupt or in receivership or, if applicable, have been rehabilitated.
  • To accept the Statutes of the Chamber.
  • To accept the Internal Regulations of the Chamber.
  • Pay the dues corresponding to the current year according to the amount decided by the Assembly.

Partner form

Request the membership form and fill it in with your details or your company details.


Analysis of the request

The application for membership shall be analyzed by the Board of Directors of the Chamber, the body responsible for the acceptance of candidates, for approval.


Analysis of the request

Once the application has been approved, admission will be communicated by e-mail and the invoice corresponding to the first membership fee will be issued. The payment of the membership fee implies immediate incorporation as an active member.


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The partners can be individuals or corporations.

An individual member corresponds to a member whose title corresponds to one natural person.

A corporate member corresponds to a member whose title corresponds to a legal entity.

Procedures For

If your company is not a member, feel free to contact the Chamber:


The application for membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Chamber, the body responsible for accepting candidates for its authorization.


If the application is approved; admission will be communicated by email and the amount of the first membership fee invoice will be issued. The payment concerning the fee supposes immediate incorporation as an active partner.