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The ARGENTINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN BENELUX is a non-profit entity whose main objective is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry and services, creating bridges between the Nations where it has jurisdiction. To this end, workshops, forums, conferences and seminars will be organized, and the Chamber will take part in fairs, business roundtables, networking, commercial, cultural, and artistic events.
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To promote bilateral economic relations between the Argentine Republic and Benelux, cultivating people-to-people contacts to foster more and better commercial, cultural and cooperation links between the institutions and economic circles concerned in both countries.

Mission & Vision
  • We want to be the gateway to international markets by utilizing the potential of the worldwide network of chambers and shortening distances to respond to global challenges.
  • To grow together with our partners based on mutual trust and always oriented to increase their satisfaction.
  • To be a reference in the generation of successful, innovative and transparent business through our services.

Facilitate all possible assistance to achieve higher levels of business internationalization of regional economies and thus be able to increase bilateral trade activity, with professionalism, reliability and sustainability over time.

Expanding borders and bringing cultures closer together to help us discover new opportunities for exchange and mutual development in non-traditional markets, strengthening the bonds of friendship between nations.


Fabián Casal

Vice President

Claudia Mársico

Board Member

Maximiliano Santy


Bárbara Pereyra

Board Member

Cynthia Rud