Communication & MKT

Communication is a powerful tool.
When wielded effectively

With expert collaborators in marketing and communication, we enhance the positioning of our partners through various strategies.
Did you know that more than 500,000 tweets are sent, 40 million messages are written via Whatsapp, more than 200 million emails are received worldwide per minute?
Digital communication is a new tool that helps and drives companies to seek new tactics to position their brand and be recognized globally.
How to apply it?
The new digital era allows through different strategies and methodologies, such as the generation of attractive content for their audiences, market segmentation, outreach, among others, to cover this complex scenario, which is constantly changing.
For this, we have a range of services to help you.

  • Description and logo of the partners on the Chamber’s website and yearbook.
  • Announcement of new membership in the newsletter and social networks.
  • Publication of information about the company's activity in the 'Activity of our partners' section of the newsletter and in our social networks.
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