Interview with Carla Pitiot


Vice-President of the Éforo Foundation and Vice-President of the Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade – BICE

On this occasion we had the opportunity to interview Carla Pitiot to learn about and disseminate the work of the Éforo Foundation, which promotes Sustainable Development and citizen control over public management through participation and training.

Carla Pitiot is a Lawyer – Vice President of the Éforo Foundation and Vice President at Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior – BICE.
The Éforo Foundation has established itself as a driving force in the field of sustainable development and citizen participation. Since its creation, the foundation has been committed to promoting innovative solutions that address the social, economic and environmental challenges of our time. Éforo has forged strategic alliances with governmental organizations, businesses and civil society to carry out transformative projects. Its main focus is to drive positive change through education, research and public policy implementation. Dr. Pitiot clarifies that Éforo has stood out for its focus on citizen participation and democratic governance. Through civic empowerment initiatives, they promote the active participation of citizens in decision-making and the construction of fairer and more equitable societies.
One of the Foundation’s newest areas is Éforo Data, which produces socioeconomic reports in clear language for all citizens.
But its activities do not end there; the Foundation has also developed education and training projects to strengthen the skills and knowledge of local communities. Its commitment to inclusion and sustainable human development is reflected in programs that promote gender equality, education for all and access to economic opportunities.
In conclusion, the Eforo Foundation has demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting sustainable development and citizen participation. Their comprehensive approach, strategic partnerships and commitment to equity and social justice make them an influential organization in the quest for a more sustainable and participatory future. Through its actions, Éforo continues to make a positive impact by contributing to the well-being of communities and the planet.