Carlos Brown Interview


We had the opportunity and the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Carlos Brown, who presides the Banco de Inversiones y Comercio Exterior Foundation in Argentina, to learn more about the activities that the Institution carries out and what are the challenges ahead.

Carlos Brown

Carlos Brown is a lawyer and President of the BICE Foundation. Among other public positions, he has served as Mayor of General San Martín, National Deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires and Minister of Production of the Province of Buenos Aires. He is currently Executive Director of Movimiento Productivo Argentino, Director of ACEP San Martin and Director of Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior.
Fundación Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior de Argentina stands out for its contribution to the economic and commercial growth of the country. With a focus on boosting investment and business opportunities, the foundation has been a key player in the development of Argentina’s economy. Through training, advisory and financing programs, the foundation supports entrepreneurs and companies to expand their presence in international markets. Its commitment to promoting foreign trade and attracting investment has been instrumental in strengthening Argentina’s position in the global economy.
According to Dr. Brown, the Foundation’s main objective is to help small and medium-sized enterprises gain access to the financial system. The mechanism of the Argentine financial system is complex and it has been observed that opportunities are lost that would represent a significant growth not only for the companies, but also for the region where they are located and the generation of employment. That is why the Foundation’s activities are focused on training, guiding, informing, educating and bringing the parties together, especially in a changing context.
During his presentation, he would detail those programs and events in which the Foundation participates, from which we extracted the following:
– Foreign trade training and strengthening of SMEs in the provinces of Chubut and Río Negro;
– Seminar on strategic linkage with China, Argentine-Qatari Chamber of Commerce; With Southeast Asia;
– Mutual collaboration agreement with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Benelux;
– Training on access to financing for SMEs;
– Participation in the Federal Council of Free Trade Zone of the Argentine Republic;
– Joint work with the Universidad de la Matanza, the Universidad Tecnológica and the Corredor Bioceánico Norpatagónico.
As for the immediate future, the Foundation is working on joint actions with Brazilian and Mercosur Institutions, who are strategic partners of our country, and to continue adding related Organizations with whom we can continue building enriching synergies for Argentine SMEs.ón-y-comercio-exterior/